Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion

Continuous biomethanation test

Little-known, ill-balanced matrices, or those containing inhibiting substances require continuous process testing, possibly on-site, before full-scale use.

RES is equipped with a pilot plant which enables the continuous testing of anaerobic digestion and codigestion, to obtain scalable data required for full scale plant construction and/or management. During experimentation, RES is able to independently conduct analyses both on matrices and biogas, essential for monitoring the anaerobic digestion process.

Our equipment enables us to supply a range of services including, for example:

  • Sizing a new Anaerobic Digestion plant with matrices and/or mixes for which there is insufficient literature data or examples of previously commissioned plants.
  • Simulate the entire hypothesized process for a detailed check before the design phase.
  • Test the advantage of integrating anaerobic digestion with other processes.

Through its own Pilot Plant RES provides:

  • Continuous testing with “CSTR” or "plug flow" process in mesophily or thermophily
  • Tests for full-scale plant sizing
  • Comparative studies on the efficiency of different pretreatments
  • Studies on the advantages of integrating anaerobic digestion with composting or other treatments, upstream or downstream of the process
  • Codigestion tests on complex mixes
  • Anaerobic digestion tests for the analysis and management of specific process-linked problems (e.g. chicken manure treatment).
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