Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion

Technical assistance and biological process checking

Our skill at the service of biogas plants

Study, research and development in the field of anaerobic digestion technologies have enabled RES to acquire knowledge and skills with reference to problems in plants staff have visited, where we have analysed the situation and supplied technical assistance. The company's experience means that it provides a high profile consultation service for plant management, in terms of technical assistance and solutions to existing process and plant problems.

The following services are available:

  • Annual technical assistance contract and analytical service for process checking
  • Spot technical assistance to asses plant and process state, or for the resolution of specific issues
  • Proposal, design and implementation of plant enlargement and changes
  • Automation of plants or plant sections, even with telemonitoring.

Within the field of technical assistance for plants, RES has developed and fine-tuned analytical procedures for the targeted and efficient physical and chemical characterisation of matrices, sludge and digestates. The company also provides biogas analysis and leak-screening services.

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