Biochar Biochar

Experimental batch pyrolyser

A device for the production of biochar from different types of organic matrices, in terms of size, humidity and ashes.

The draft-assisted batch pyrolyser is essentially an insulated reactor with counter-current bed. Syngas diffuses upwards, in the opposite direction of the pyrolysis front, through which the biomass bed inside the reactor is converted into biochar. In this way the pyrolysis zone is formed beneath the char bed. Syngas travels upwards through the upper layers of biochar and mixes with the air from the process; it is combusted, thus creating the heat required to sustain the process.

A sampler is installed on the reactor body, for taking syngas samples, as well as three thermocouples. These are required to detect and monitor the temperature in different points of the system, in order to regulate the primary and secondary volumetric load of the air from the process.

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