Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion

“Biogainer” Mobile Laboratory

A containerised laboratory that is compact and customisable.

Yes, that's right, seeing is believing! ...An integrated, compact, customisable Laboratory-Container equipped with Multi-place Fermenter and Pilot Plant.
The Biogainer enables you to carry out the following, even simultaneously:
  • Batch biomethanation test (for the experimental determination of potential BMP of analysed matrices)
  • Continuous biomethanation test
The fermenter, which contains reactors fitted with temperature sensors, features the automation of:
  • Thermostatation and mixing
  • Process data acquisition and logging
  • Measurement of produced gas volume and stocking for every single reactor
  • Sampling in special bags of biogas produced by every single reactor (optional).


The Pilot plant is designed for continuous biomethanation testing and the training of technicians specialised in the running of anaerobic digestion plants. Unlike batch tests, continuous testing enables the complete simulation of the anaerobic digestion process, therefore:
  • It is possible to conduct in-the-field experimentation in order to collect information on the dynamic behaviour of a vast range of organic matrices, during anaerobic digestion or codigestion processes
  • Through interaction with plant management and user software, the operator can acquire or gain more knowledge of the biochemical process.

The RES Pilot Plant operates both in CSTR and PLUG-FLOW mode, with continuous feeding and unloading, thanks to the high level of automation and equipment which is ideal for the accurate, in-the-field testing of technology, as well as the collection of data required for a plant's full-scale resizing.

Both the fermenter and Pilot Plant are equipped with web interface for monitoring and even remote management of all functions activated via http and ftp protocols.
A portable analyser can also be supplied, for the analysis of biogas produced by instruments (detected parameters: CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S).
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