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High energy efficiency social housing - heat pump with condensation boiler

Class A and Class A+ homes - Study and design of the enclosure and thermo-hydraulic plant for two buildings containing 10 residential units

The case under examination regards the construction of a complex consisting of 10 residential units.

The customer wanted to fully exploit and auto-consume electrical energy supplied by the photovoltaic system designed to serve the building. Therefore a combined heat generation system was designed which used renewable energy produced by photovoltaic panels through a 19.8 kW heat pump, requiring the use of a 32 kW methane-powered condensation boiler as thermal "support".

Hybrid generation installations were coupled with state-of-the-art construction materials and solutions, including the use of a heat barrier between construction elements (cantilevering of balconies), to eliminate the heat bridge, as well as green roofing for high thermal resistance and living comfort.

All of these features have resulted in Class A and Class A+ homes, characterised by extremely high levels of energy efficiency, way beyond minimum requirements laid down both by national and regional regulations.

Plumbing,  drainage and ventilation was also designed along with the heating system. All administrative practices regarding the containment of energy consumption were carried out, with particular reference to Law 10/91, Legislative Decree 192/05 and successive 311/06 (national) as well as regional law 156/2008 (Emilia Romagna Region).

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