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Energy upgrading of a seaside resort eco-compatibility and eco-management

Study and design for the energy upgrading of a seaside resort at Casalborsetti, Ravenna

The case under examination regards the energy upgrading of the "Adria" seaside resort in Casalborsetti, Ravenna, in collaboration with Studio Teprin, Ravenna, through the architect Ottavia Sarti.

The customer requested the energy upgrading of the seaside resort, within the context of an overall renewal and change in the business management, through project solutions and features designed to promote sustainable tourism, respectful of the environment and local area, state-of-the-art in terms of energy performance.

We pondered the potential weak points of traditional energy management within the context of a seaside resort, aspects requiring improvement, unused resources which could be exploited and expanded, with particular consideration for aspects linked to water and energy saving.

  • Water saving

The resort installed time control showers for its customers, programmed for 90 seconds per 10 cents inserted into a special slot. A water recovery system was also installed.  A special decantation tub and de-sanding of waters, together with a special re-circulation pump, recovered water was used to flush customer toilets as well as for the micro-irrigation of ornamental green areas located either side of the facility.

  • Energy saving

2 solar collectors were designed and sized for the production of domestic hot water (DHW) for showers available for customer use as well as for the kitchen. With reference to the kitchen, normal activity was taken into consideration (mixers), as well as the use of a state-of-the-art dishwasher with double hot water entry capable of using hot water generated by the solar-heat system. In this way consumption of one of the most energy-hungry processes in the catering business was mitigated, if not altogether nullified. Traditional dishwashers require extremely hot water for optimal cleaning.  Temperatures reached through electrical resistance must remain extremely high even between cycles so that the appliance is always ready for use. The installation of solar panels as well as the use of a "sustainable" dishwasher with double hot water entrance enables the use of solar-heated water accumulated in proximity of the panels, whenever required.

Apart from the aforementioned features, existing refrigerators were replaced with high energy efficiency ones, with environmentally friendly refrigerating liquid, in compliance with the law. Separate waste collection was introduced to all areas of the facility, both on the beach as well as the bar and catering area.

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