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Designing a 75 kW plant in Sicily

Designing a 75 kW biogas plant powered by bovine manure, milk serum and special, high efficiency biomass

A study was conducted in 2010 at a cow farm in the province of Palermo which also includes a few hectares of arable land. In-depth analysis was carried out, resulting in a proposal for the exploitation of all matrices present, even animal faeces and dairy waste from the neighbouring farm, including the minimal integration of specific, high-efficiency biomass and/or biomass typically produced in the local area.

In 2011 the study resulted in a project for an anaerobic digestion plant with the potential to generate sufficient biomass to power a 75 kW cogenerator.

As with the 2006-2007 project, semi-dry plug-flow technologies were used, for a reduction in plant size and relative investment, thus enabling the creation of an environmentally and economically sustainable plant, even on such a small scale.

Yet again RES distinguished itself, running counter to trends of a market that appears to have only recently gauged the unsustainability of the large plant model, fuelled by dedicated biomasses.

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