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The Sardegna Ricerche Pilot Plant

Our PLUG-FLOW pride and joy. An anaerobic digestion pilot plant installed in an insulated container

In 2008 RES was awarded the tender to supply an anaerobic digestion pilot plant for the Sardinia Technological Plant. The purpose of said plant is the continuous testing of anaerobic digestion.

Experience in construction and experimentation conducted with the RES Pilot Plant (RESPAC, PREA) meant that RES was awarded the tender for the supply of an anaerobic digester to be installed at the Macchiareddu site in the Cagliari province.

The Pilot Plant for Sardegna Ricerche was installed inside a container so that it can be easily moved. It is capable of operating as an independent unit both on the Macchiareddu site, as well as on other sites where organic waste is produced. The plant is fitted with equipment for the weighing of biomass requiring testing, as well as for its pre-treatment before digestion. Automatic loading and unloading systems have also been fitted, both for biomass and digestate.

Material is loaded into an anaerobic reactor and maintained at an ideal temperature for the process. The plant can operate both in mesophily and thermophily.

The most interesting features of this installation include its suitability for testing anaerobic digestion in semi-dry conditions, as well as the possibility of choosing digester mix, based on operation mode, for both PLUG-FLOW and CSTR processes.

A suitable automation process acquires and records process data, whereas a special tele-control system ensures plant monitoring, even in remote mode, through a GSM module. The Pilot Plant is also equipped with a control panel for the management of all operator activities (for example loading, unloading and thermostatation) and the changing of process constants and parameters. Insulated container.

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