Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion Biogas - Anaerobic Digestion

Pilot Plant for the University of Foggia

A Pilot PLUG-FLOW containerised anaerobic digestion plant.

“Scientific & Technological Advancement in Research on Agro-Energy: an integrated approach to renewable energy generation according to sustainability criteria” project (STAR-Agroenergy) FP7-REGPOT-2011-1 (2013-2014)"

Tender for the supply, installation, testing and training for use of the "Pilot Plant" installed at the new STAR-Agroenergy laboratory at the Foggia premises - Incoronata Industrial Area 013-2014

RES has built an anaerobic digestion Pilot Plant for the University of Foggia, thus enriching the experimental equipment collection at the new STAR-Agroenergy Laboratory. The plant has been installed inside a container so that it can be moved easily. It contains equipment used to measure and pre-treat biomasses being tested before digestion inside a plug-flow reactor, maintained at an ideal temperature for the process. A suitable automation process, capable of acquiring and recording process data. A special tele-control system ensures plant monitoring even in remote mode, through GSM module and web interface. The Pilot Plant is also equipped with a control panel for the management of all operator activities (for example supply, discharge and thermostatation), which can also be used to change process constants and parameters.

Lastly, the plant also features an on-board continuous biogas composition analyser which detects CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S concentration.

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