Biochar Biochar

Pyrolysis/ gasification plant for the University of Foggia

Scientific & Technological Advancement in Research on Agro-Energy: an integrated approach to renewable energy generation according to sustainability criteria” project (STAR-Agroenergy) FP7-REGPOT-2011-1 (2013-2014)


Tender for the supply, installation, testing and training for use of the "Pilot Plant" installed at the new STAR-Agroenergy laboratory on the Foggia premises - the Incoronata Industrial Area 013-2014)

RES completed a gasification and a pyrolysis module which have enriched the experimental equipment collection of the new STAR-Agroenergy Laboratory.

These modules have been installed inside a container shelter so that they are easy to move. The container's side walls are made from PVC canvases which are opened during experimentation, to guarantee required natural ventilation within work areas.
The pyrolysis module makes it possible to carry out targeted pyrogasification batch tests for the production of biochar from different types of matrices. It is characterised by a high treatment capacity (the pyrolysis chamber has a volume of 38 l).
This is a batch draft-assisted pyrolyser which is essentially an insulated reactor with counter-current bed, equipped with 3 thermocouples to monitor temperatures in different points of the system, as well as a periodic syngas sampler.

The gasification module enables the testing of different types of wood chips. Syngas rich in H2 and CO can be obtained from the treated matrix, which is then used to power an electric 10 kW motor-generator. Essentially the module consists of a loading hopper, gasification reactor, gas filter, alternative endothermic engine, electrical generator as well as an automation system for the acquisition and continuous control of major process parameters (internal reactor temperatures, reactor pressure, gas filter pressure, etc.). This is an extremely compact plant, as all its components have been installed on a single metal pallet. The module was designed by the constructor to guarantee a continuous electric power supply over a period of 6-8 hours.


Lastly, the supply included a micro gas-chromatograph which enables the analysis of gas produced by this and other laboratory equipment.

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