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New farm home - heat pump and CMV

An "almost zero energy" home

This project features a newly constructed "almost zero energy" country home, in the province of Ravenna, characterised by high performance in terms of thermoacoustic insulation. In order to achieve set performance standards, from the outset it was evident that there was a need not only for adequate thermal insulation, but also solutions capable of reducing summer thermal loads and their absorption.

A surface covering consisting of a high SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) membrane was fitted to contrast summer heat flow, capable of reducing surface temperature, maintaining it up to 30°C lower compared to conventional coverings, resulting in a cooler roof.

The use of "cool materials" for both flat and sloping roofs has bolstered the performance of coverings during the summer. All the aforementioned features, along with other project details, have resulted in a particularly high performance building in heat terms, resulting in greater comfort and well-being for inhabitants and the reduction of summer air conditioning.

The technical design of installations foresaw a hybrid heat pump, high efficiency condensation boiler, integrated by a system of solar collectors for the production of dhw, coupled with a radiating panel system and a controlled mandatory ventilation plant with heat recovery.

Project developed in collaboration with Arch. Ottavia Sarti,  Teprin Associati –

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