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"Dall’orto in barattolo all’orto energetico" (From a vegetable garden in a jar to an energetic vegetable garden)

Sustainability education


RES, with the support of teaching staff, has accompanied pupils of the Classe Primary School along an educational sustainability journey consisting of lessons, educational laboratories and stimulating activities in the school's vegetable garden. All students from every single class were involved, from the first to fifth grade.

Students were able to understand the close link between food, energy and pollution. They worked in their vegetable garden and greenhouse, producing and harvesting vegetables as well as copious amounts of delicious strawberries.

As part of this energy education course, students were encouraged to cultivate a strawberry patch. Strawberries were deemed to be particularly suitable for the project as they are particularly loved by children and their entire cycle can be "covered" during the school year.

Apart from encouraging the use and consumption of fresh, seasonal and "KM 0" foods over frozen, non-seasonal foods or those from "exotic" countries, the young students were also taught a few zero impact techniques for the conservation of foods. They also learnt about energy derived from renewable and sustainable sources.

The project “Dall'orto in barattolo all'orto energetico” concluded with the awarding of jam jars to children made from the strawberries they had grown, along with an "Energetic Vegetable Gardener" diploma.

Just like other cases, sustainability education for youths enabled us to reach out to adults who were not so in touch with carbon dioxide emission and sustainable energy source issues.

Project funded by the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea and promoted by MultiCentro CEAS and Agenda21 of the  Ravenna Municipality.

The cartoon was created by Panebarco & C.m, in close collaboration with the cooperative RES

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