TAPYRO - Thermochemical apparatus for weed-control fueled with renewable biomass



The TAPYRO project consists of the development of a portable device using heat to kill weeds. The weed-control effect is provided by exposing weeds to the hot gases generated during pyro-gasification and combustion of pellet or agri-pellet, thus avoiding herbicides toxic chemicals treatments. Pellet can be obtained from inexpensive and renewable biomass such as wood chips and residues from local forestry and agriculture.

TAPYRO is a scalable modular system characterized by higher power multiple of 50 kW thermal power; this system has been conceived either for small scale operations (organic farming, urban gardening), either for medium-large scale applications as intensive agriculture (herbaceous crops, fruit farming), municipal green management e.g. weeding operation along roads and railway lines; such modular device can be tractor-mounted or motorized.

TAPYRO is part of a family of products that replace glyphosate now forbidden in several contexts for its supposed health risk; with respect to commercial LPG-fueled solutions, TAPYRO device saves operational costs, results safer, as no pressurized gas is stored, and more sustainable, due to the use of renewable biomass as fuel: greenhouse gases (GHGs) savings of 89 to 95 % are expected. A prototype has been produced and preliminary tests have been successfully performed and a patent demand filed, as "DISPOSITIVO DA PIRODISERBO ALIMENTATO CON COMBUSTIBILE SOLIDO" ("Weed control device powered by solid fuel"), request number 102016000052928.

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