RES one of the founding partners of the ITS (Industrial Technical High School) Ravenna for energy and the environment



The Industrial Technical High School for energy and the environment has opened in Ravenna, a "special technology school", a post-secondary education training channel parallel to academic courses, for the training of high technicians in strategic technological areas for economic and competitive development. The end result shall be a "High Technician Diploma" indicating the technological area and national figure of reference.

RES is involved as a founding partner, as the ITS, closely linked to research centres and "Technopoles" is a participatory foundation consisting of a network of subjects with skills in the sectoral fields of reference.

All the provinces of the Emilia Romagna region shall be involved in this training network, each with its own role and vocation: the Bologna-Modena-Reggio (new mechanical industry), Piacenza (new logistics), Parma (catering, nutrition and transformation), Forlì (graphics, publishing and electronic publishing), Ravenna (energy and environment) and Rimini (tourism and well-being).

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