Presentation at the Maker Faire, Rome, of the Wa.Sa.Dro - Water Sampling Drone – project, from 16th to 18th October 2015



This alternative sampling system is a response to the need to monitor bodies of surface water which are difficult or dangerous to reach using conventional means. The system limits customer costs and operator risks.
Wa.Sa.Dro. is an automatic surface water sampling system based on the Arduino microcontroller which can be transported by any multirotor with a minimum payload of approximately 1.5 kg.
The sample collection system enables the management of several samples during a single mission. The multi-parameter probe enables the easy acquisition of water quality data at each sampling point. Water samples are stored in special test tubes so that they can be used for successive laboratory chemical-biological analyses.
The system is equipped with a GPS that is independent from the drone control one, to guarantee sampling replicability and data geo-referencing. Acquired coordinates and data are stored on a micro SD and sent via radio to a computer on the ground.
The entire system can be customised according to specific needs.
The case which contains the electronics is made from carbon fibre with 3D printed inserts. It is designed and constructed by the Ravenna-based company CarbonLine.
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