04 Jun 2014 Press conference "Dall'orto in Barattolo all'Orto Energectico" project

Press conference "Dall'orto in Barattolo all'Orto Energectico" project


On 6th June 2014 at the council hall at the Ravenna Municipality headquarters, the results of the project  "Dall'orto in Barattolo all'Orto Energetico" shall be presented.

The cartoon created by Panebarco & C. shall be presented during the event, providing a wonderful summary of the entire event....

20 Jan 2014 Technical assistance at innovative anaerobic digestion plant

Technical assistance at innovative anaerobic digestion plant


RES, as partner of Biomass Unit of CIRI Energy and Environment - Ravenna Technopole, together with CIRI has started technical and biological activities at an anaerobic digestion plant located in Conselice (RA), where co-digestion of vegetable greases and exhausted bleaching soils is carried out.

17 Jan 2014 RES @ the "Renewable Energy Forum"

RES @ the "Renewable Energy Forum"

Saturday 16th January 2014 Stefano Silvi participated in the "Renewable Energy Forum" at ITIS Nullo Baldini, Ravenna. The title of his contribution was "Energy efficiency and renewable energies: from construction scale to urban scale". The institute's renewable energy laboratory was inaugurated on t...

30 Nov 2013 The Sardegna Ricerche Pilot Plant

The Sardegna Ricerche Pilot Plant


The results of the experiment “Characterization of fruit and vegetable wastes as a single substrate for anaerobic digestion” were published in the article "C.Asquer, A.Pistis, E.A.Scano Environmental Engineering and Management 12 S11 (2013) 89–92". A Pilot Plant supplied by RES was used.

01 Aug 2013 Social Housing Inauguration, Ravenna

Social Housing Inauguration, Ravenna

On 29th July 2013 20 Social Housing units were inaugurated. They were constructed by Snoopy Casa in via Butrinto-Villaggio San Giuseppe, Ravenna.

The buildings consist of 10 units assigned to secure tenants and 10 units assigned for a 25-year period. RES designed the entire thermo-sanitary plant,...

29 Jun 2013 RES @ Sustainable Energy Week

RES @ Sustainable Energy Week

From 26th to 29th June, engineer Stefano Silvi, together with scholars of the Spinner ECO+SMART project Giuseppe Pesce, Rita Baldisserri and Elisabetta Socci, attended conferences held in Brussels during the Sustainable Energy Week. An entire week of conferences aimed at promoting energy saving and ...

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